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Communications Consulting

Using my communications experience, I offer a consulting service that can help your organization reach and engage the right people.

Here is a sketch of the process I use:


1.I do a thorough inventory and analysis of your digital profile and print materials. I take a close look at branding and messaging content on your site, social media, blog, brochure, newsletter, ads, letterhead, flyers, etc. My mission: a thoughtful evaluation of the way you are presenting yourself to the world in that split second.

2. I prepare a communications report.

It contains helpful data, visuals, examples of my observations and recommendations on ways to boost the effectiveness of all of your hard work.

3.We meet to chart your course.

We discuss my findings and brainstorm further about how you can best engage visitors, customers, friends, participants and donors. You make an action list that makes sense for your team in the context of priorities and time and addresses your most pressing communications challenges.

When we part ways, you'll feel a new confidence in your communications branding and content. With strategy in hand, you'll go boldly forward knowing that you've considered all angles and options. You'll enjoy a new competence in covering all the bases and many, many more clicks and looks.

"We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve." —Bill Gates


I can work with your whole team or one-on-one, for varying amounts of time. I can also: ​

  • set up your social media channels and content calendar, 

  • create a style guide

  • produce content for any print and/or digital needs,

  • conduct a follow-up critique to measure your progress.

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